How to Get & Use Boss Keys in Weapon Fighting Simulator

boss keys weapon fighting simulator

Weapon Fighting Simulator is exactly what it says on the box. But finding newer, more powerful weapons to defeat mobs and bosses is not the easiest task in the game. Fortunately, the existence of boss keys makes the challenge a little more balanced.

Boss keys are special items in Weapon Fighting Simulator that you can use to unlock the boss chest and in turn a bevy of items and weapons to use in your journey ahead. These keys only drop on the last two game worlds that you visit.

Apart from the usual hunting of bosses to get these keys, we’ll explore all other ways to get more of them as well as how to use the keys themselves. Read on!

How To Get Boss Keys In Weapon Fighting Simulator

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Although there is the reward of getting a boss key whenever you defeat a boss, the bosses in the game get tedious after a point of time. Here are some alternatives you can try instead –

1) Pick up the free key that drops every day.

The first alternative on our list is just a waiting game! Every single day that you log on to Weapon Fighting Simulator, the game drops a free key into your inventory.

So make sure that you log on and check your inventory constantly to collect as many of these as you can.

2) Visit the Bamboo Forest.

bamboo forest weapon fighting simulator

One of the playable game worlds, the Bamboo Forest is known among regulars as a constant source of boss keys through the enemies it contains. Now, the catch is that you will have to unlock an achievement known as Fortunate I, which raises your Lucky stat by 0.5.

You can easily get this achievement by just playing the game for 30 minutes.

Here, you will find enemies called Dryads. Defeating a Mega Dryad after getting the achievement above will boost your probability of getting a boss key up to 20%.

How To Use Boss Keys In Weapon Fighting Simulator

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Now that we have got our hands on these keys, let’s figure out how to use them.

Since boss keys will only open boss chests, we must get to a boss, defeat them and spawn a chest to reap its benefits.

1) Every boss has a portal that leads to the arena where you will find them. The portal is a tower of glowing light that will transport you directly to the boss.

2) After fighting and defeating the boss, you will come across a chest that pops up. This chest contains a lot of weapons and items and will require a boss key to open.

boss chest weapons fighting simulator

3) Now you can open the chest and take advantage of all of the different weapons and items inside!

Wrapping Up

Finding and using boss keys in Weapon Fighting Simulator allows you to hoard a lot of items (such as a lot of coins) in a go and level up faster using said items. That being said, if we come across any more methods to get these keys fast, expect an update to this guide!

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below.

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