Shadovis RPG is a brand-new Roblox RPG game released by The Elemental last May.

You will explore the world and become stronger as you travel more. You can get lots of stuff to help you along the way, and one of the best out there is the Wings equipment.

Wings will allow you to fly and get to places you would not have been able to reach. Additionally, you can move around enemies easier with the Flight ability.

So how can we get Wings in Roblox RPG Shadovis? Here is how you can get Wings in the RPG Roblox game Shadovis.

How to Get Wings in Shadowvis RPG Roblox

Wings are one of the most convenient items in the game, and you need to follow our instructions to get them.

Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Reach Rebirth 3

  2. Find Empyrean Minstral and kill him until he drops the Wings equipment named Empyrean Ringlet. The Wings drop rate of Empyrean Minstral is around 25%.

  3. Equip it, and try to fly by jumping up.

how to get wings shadovis rpg roblox

That is pretty much how to get the Wings. You can watch Roblox player 1stent’s quick video guide here.

What do Wings do Shadovis RPG

The Wings from Empyrean Ringlet enable Flight ability with increased Ascend Speed and Flight Time. In addition, Roblox YouTuber DSCreations suggests various items to boost your flight to fly longer.

DSCreations recommends the Valkyrie Helm, Giant Bunny Ears, and Darkmoon Ring, which gives you bonus Ascend Speed and Jump Height. With these three equipped, you should reach higher levels of flight easily.

how to get wings shadovis rpg roblox

If you are having trouble getting the Empyrean Ringlet, you can pick up the Fledgling Ringlet instead.

With these, you are ready to fly above your enemies in Roblox RPG Game Shadovis.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about acquiring your first set of wings in Shadowvis RPG.

Now get out there & rock those new wings while kicking some monster ass!