How to Grow Glow Berries in Minecraft

minecraft growing glow berries

You can grow Glow Berries by placing them on the bottom of a block & waiting for the cave vines to grow some Glow Berries.

Finding the Glow Berries

Glow berries can be found growing naturally inside of the all new Lush Caves biome that came with the Minecraft 1.17 update.

You can find Glow Berries hanging from glowing vines within the Lush Caves. Break them with a tool or use the vine in order to collect them.

Tip: Lush Caves are not yet available in vanilla Minecraft with update 1.17. You can only find the caves in Java Edition creative mode for now.

Since Lush Caves don’t currently exist in vanilla, the only way to get them is to find them in naturally spawning mineshaft chests.

You have a 38.7% chance to receive 3-6 Glow Berries from a mineshaft chest.

Growing Your Own Glow Berries

After you have some Glow Berries in your possession you can begin to grow your own. Place some Glow Berries on the bottom side of a block to create a cave vine.

The vine will grow downward as long there is at least two block spaces of air underneath of it. Each new block of growth on the cave vine has a 1 in 9 chance of generating some Glow Berries.

You can use bone meal on a section of the cave vine in order to make Glow Berries grow instantly.

What Are Glow Berries Used For?

Glow Berries have a few helpful uses so far. They are a new source of light & each cave vine bearing Glow Berries gives off a light level of 14.

Eating the berries will restore your hunger by 0.2 and your hunger saturation points by 0.4.

They can also be fed to foxes which will allow you to breed them when they are together.

how to tame a fox in minecraft

Hopefully we will see more uses for Glow Berries when part two of Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs drops around December of 2021.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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