How to Increase Team Power Level in Bot Clash Roblox

bot clash roblox team power level up guide

Bot Clash Roblox is a new simulation where you travel with friendly bots to battle evildoers! Unfortunately, it can be frustrating to figure out the most efficient ways to level up in Bot Clash Roblox.

This guide will show you how to navigate the leveling system and teach you a method that will make leveling up hassle-free! 

How the Bot Clash Bot Leveling System Works

There are three types of levels that a bot can have: the XP level, the companion level, and the star level. 

The Bot XP Level 

Leveling up your bot’s XP is the simplest way to strengthen it! Choose any bot you’d like to level up, then select the robots you’d like to combine with the first one.

The more robots you choose, the higher the XP will become. Rarer bots yield more XP as well.

The Bot Companion Level

bot clash companion level up gems

Leveling up your bots with gems lets them gain companions that can help you in combat! Companions can increase several of your bot’s qualities, like damage, health, and coin income.

You can earn them by walking to the “Power Up” spot, selecting a robot, and clicking the orange button at the bottom. You’ll get a random companion for every 3rd power level increase. 

The Star Level

Leveling up your bot’s star level dramatically increases your bot’s power too! You can see the chance to increase a bot’s star rating after selecting it. Once you combine your bot with enough other bots of the same type, you’ll increase your chances of getting an extra star.

How to Level Up Fast in Bot Clash 

Here’s a leveling-up method based on this video:

  • Coins and gems are key. The fastest way to collect them is to complete quests in the first level. Save your coins for the Bot Shop in the last zone for better chances of getting a Legendary Pet.
  • Start completing achievements to earn gems. You’ll want to do this throughout the entire game, but it’s better to start early. 
  • Level up with extra bots that you don’t want. Remember that it’s best to level up using bots of the same type to increase star levels.
  • Once you’ve gained a hefty amount of gems, level up your abilities and pets with them. 
  • Take advantage of the free gem and coin generator in the 3rd level.

Wrapping up

Bot Clash is an excellent addition to Roblox! Although Bot Clash is very similar to Pet Sim X, it has its charm that you can’t ignore. Hopefully, this guide will make your Bot Clash journey easier and more enjoyable!

Please drop a comment below if you have any additional questions or concerns about how to level up fast in Bot Clash!

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