How to Kill Mr. Rich in Wacky Wizards

how to kill mr rich wacky wizards

Mr. Rich is a live event in Wacky Wizards that spawns once per hour, on the hour. He is a cyclops-type monster that you will need to defeat in order to earn gems for the gem shop.

How Do You Kill Mr. Rich in Wacky Wizards?

how to kill mr rich wacky wizards

In order to kill Mr. Rich you need to shoot him by loading potions into the Wizard cannons located around the map. Each potion you launch at him will do varying amounts of damage depending on what type of potion you use.

Mr. Rich begins with 150HP if there is only one person in a server. Each person that joins the server will make Mr. Rich’s HP increase. When there is a full server his max health is 1,500HP.

Best Potions To Use Against Mr. Rich

Here is a short list of some of the best potions to use against Mr. Rich. Each potion does different amounts of damage.

  • Bouncy Potion – 8 damage
  • Nuclear Potion – 8 damage
  • God Potion – 8 damage
  • Unlucky Potion – 8 damage
  • Meteorite Potion – 8 damage
  • Explosive Potion – 7 damage
  • Hot Potion – 6 damage

How to Make Doomsday Potions

There are also potion combinations in Wacky Wizards called the Doomsday Potions. These are super strong potions that do 30 to 50 damage per shot on Mr. Rich.

To make this potion you will have to mix a ton of ingredients together in your cauldron. The premium Doomsday potion does 50 damage & the free one does 32 damage.

Make sure you mix these ingredients in the correct order to create this powerful potion.

Free Doomsday Potion

wacky wizards free doomsday potion

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about how to defeat Mr. rich quickly. As more updates come out, there will be stronger potions that you can brew to use against him.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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