How to Kill Zombies Fast in Wacky Wizards

kill zombies fast wacky wizards

Wacky Wizards is a popular Roblox game, where the player completes quests to find ingredients and create potions. One of the many Halloween updates they added this month was the zombie update. In this article we show you all the best ways to kill zombies fast and in return get candy corn fast.

The Bone-bow Potion

bone bow potion wacky wizards

The best and fastest way to kill zombies is by using the Bone-bow potion. This potion gives you a black bow and arrow made out of bones.

To make this potion you will need the undead ingredient and the gun ingredient. After you’ve made your potion, you’re ready to go! Just head over to one of the graveyards and wait for zombies to spawn.

The bow is easy to aim and fire at your target. It’s also the strongest and does the most damage.

Therefore, using the bone-bow will be your quickest way of killing some zombies and collecting candy.

The Throw Nukes Potion

throw nukes potion wacky wizards

The second best potion to use is the Throw Nukes potion. This potion gives you a nuke that you can throw at the zombies. It’s another fast and effective way to kill them.

This potion does a lot of damage all at once, killing the zombies pretty quickly. To use this potion you will need the airstrike ingredient and the dynamite ingredient.

The only downside to this potion is that the airstrike is a premium ingredient. In order to get this ingredient, you’ll need to have 650 gems.

If you’re able to buy the airstrike, this potion is a great option.

The Pig Launcher Potion

pig launcher potion wacky wizards

Another potion you can make is the pig launcher potion. When drinking this potion you get a gun that launches pigs. This isn’t the easiest way to kill zombies, but it does do a lot of damage.

Aiming and accurately hitting the zombies with the launcher isn’t always easy, but if you can manage to trap the zombies behind a grave, you’ll be able to kill them quickly.

You can do this by leading them behind a grave, then quickly jumping over it, leaving them behind it.

To make this potion you’ll need the gun ingredient and the pet tags ingredient.

The Flamethrower Potion

flamethrower potion wacky wizards

The fourth best potion to use is the flamethrower potion. After drinking your potion, you’ll receive a huge flamethrower gun.

While this isn’t the most effective way, it’s still one of the best. If you’re unable to buy the airstrike, or haven’t gotten the undead ingredient yet, this potion will probably be easiest to use.

To make it you need the gun ingredient and the chili ingredient.

The flamethrower does damage, but not in the quickest way. It can take some time to kill a zombie, allowing them to get close and do damage to you.

To get away from this, you can try using a flying potion, like the flybux potion, or the flight potion. This will make it easier to stay further away, and effectively kill them.

Wrapping Up

These are the four best and fastest ways to kill zombies in Wacky Wizards. Have you tried any of them? Which are your favorite to use?

We hope you found this guide helpful! Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

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