How to Level up Fast Transforming Toy Simulator

transforming toy simulator roblox

Transforming Toy Simulator is a simple yet addictive game that lets you play as a toys similar to Transformers. You then explore the map and destroy buildings earning levels and coins. These coins can then be used to purchase different transforming toys.

How to Level up Fast Transforming Toy Simulator

In this guide we will show you some of the best ways to gain levels and coins in Transforming Toy Simulator.

The first & easiest way to level up and earn coins is by destroying buildings and objects in the world.

You can destroy objects by walking into them while in humanoid form.

You can also click to punch & kick objects which will also break them.

Note, that you cannot destroy objects while transformed in your transport mode.

transforming toy simulator roblox

Not every object you destroy will drop coins or give you levels so just keep destroying them. Coins & new suits will appear randomly.

If there are a lot of people in your area and you can’t find any objects to destroy we recommend exploring the map and going to other less populated areas.

Try traveling to the other cities on the map to find less busy spots to destroy & level up.

transforming toy simulator roblox
Try visiting the other cities around the map

There are aslo jump puzzles around the map that will take you to different regions. If you are having trouble there are also portals you can take to these areas as well.

If you are in these areas and ever want to get back to the main spawn area you can press “E” and go into transport mode and ride the slides back.

Earning Coins With the Minigame

If you don’t want to walk around and destroy things to level up and get coins there is also a minigame you can take part in.

Follow the red and blue path past the pool of water in the spawn area & you will enter an arena.

transforming toy simulator roblox

In this arena you will randomly receive an object as a hammer. Your character will automatically start swinging & using the weapon.

NPC’s will spawn & they will follow you around & try to bonk you. As of right now the NPCs do not do any damage to your player but if you bonk an NPC they can drop coins.

Killing an NPC has a chance to provide you with some coins. This method can be faster to get coins than by simply destroying buildings.

transforming toy simulator hammer minigame

Since the NPC’s automatically aggro to you or any player you can sit in a corner and let the NPC’s funnel to you while you bonk them for coins.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you should know about how to level up & earn coins quickly in Transforming Toy Simulator.

We hope this article helped you gather some coins and level up! If you have any questions or concerns make sure to comment below.

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