How to Level up in Pressure Wash Simulator Roblox

level up pressure wash simulator roblox

Pressure Wash Simulator on Roblox is a fun and relaxing way to role-play with some of your friends. In this guide we will discuss some basic tips for when you get started in the game as well a provide a general overview to the upgrades you can unlock or purchase.

How to Level up in Pressure Wash Simulator

The first zone you will be allowed to clean is the Parking Lot. Here is where you will learn the basics of Pressure Wash Simulator.

First you will equip your pressure washing gun by clicking on it at the bottom of your screen. Then spray the cars and you will see how much dirt you are cleaning off.

Eventually you will run out of water to fuel your pressure washer. The amount of water in your fuel tank can be seen on the right hand side of your screen.

When this happens you have 2 options to refill it.

  1. You can walk to the beach into the water and hold “E” when it prompts you to. This will slowly fill your water tank. This is the free method and most often used if you don’t want to spend Robux.

    pressure wash simulator roblox
  2. You can also use a Quick-Fil-A station. This option is not free and will cost you 99 Robux to instantly fill your tank.

    quick fil a pressure wash simulator roblox

As you clean dirt on objects you will began getting cash.

You will also have the amount of dirt you cleaned displayed above your Roblox avatar.

Find out what you can spend your hard earned cash in the Upgrades section below.

Purchasable Upgrades

The cash that you earn can purchase 3 different types of upgrades. These upgrades are for your gun, your tank, and your nozzle.

You can open up the upgrade store by clicking on the fuel tank that displays your water on the right side of the screen.

pressure wash simulator roblox unlock store

The gun you use will determine how fast the dirt on objects will get clean when you spray at it.

Higher level guns may have higher pressure which means they will use more water in your fuel tanks faster.

Your tank determines how much water you can store before needing to refill it. The infinity tank is a top tier tank that will make it so you never have to refill again!

infinity tank pressure wash simulator roblox

The nozzle determines the area that will be washed. Nozzles will vary in size and shape. Some will be vertical and flat while others might be a circle.

All upgrades require that you purchases the tier prior so make sure you save up your money!

The infinity tank, “the ONE” gun, and ultra circle nozzle can also all be purchased for 799, 699, and 299 Robux respectively.

Wrapping Up

We hope you found this guide helpful in learning how to play pressure wash simulator on Roblox.

Stay cleaning and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them down below!

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