How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

how to make a saddle in minecraft

You cannot make a Saddle in Minecraft. You must find one while adventuring, receive a mob drop, trade with a villager or get lucky from fishing.

How Do You Get a Saddle?

Since the Saddle is not a craftable item you must put in some work & adventure around until you locate one.

There are four main ways to obtain a Saddle in Minecraft. Some methods are more challenging & will take longer than others to acquire.

Natural Generation

In both the Bedrock & Java Editions Saddles generate naturally in chests within various structures throughout the Minecraft world.

minecraft saddle chest loot

Some of these structures include Dungeons, End Cities & Jungle Temples. You can see every place that a Saddle can be found in the table below.

StructureLoot LocationSaddle Quantity
Bastion RemnantHoglin stable chest1
Desert TempleChest1
End CityChest1
Jungle TempleChest1
Nether FortressChest1
StrongholdAltar chest1
VillageTanner’s chest,
Savanna house chest,
Weaponsmith’s chest

While Saddle’s aren’t rare, they will take some time & effort to come by while you are out adventuring.

If this method is too slow maybe one of the other methods below will work better for you.

Picking It up From a Mob

There are only two mobs that have a possibility of dropping a Saddle when defeated. They are Striders & Ravagers.

minecraft strider zombified piglin

Striders – Striders are passive mobs that live in the Nether. They usually spawn plain with no mutations. However, there is a ยนโ„โ‚ƒโ‚€ chance for a Strider to spawn with a Zombified Piglin riding on top of it.

If you can find one of these variants you have an 8.5% chance for it to drop a Saddle if you kill it.

Ravagers – Ravagers are strong, large mobs that spawn during a Raid. They spawn during wave 3 of a Raid and are hostile to players.

Ravages drop a Saddle 100% of the time when defeated. So while this method might be challenging, it will always result in a Saddle.

Tip: If you place a Saddle on a mob such as a horse, you will always get the Saddle back if the mob dies.

Lucky Loot From Fishing

minecraft fishing saddle treasure

While fishing in Minecraft you always have a chance to catch “treasure” instead of the usual fish or other random junk.

There is a 5% chance to catch treasure per tick. If you receive a treasure there is a 0.8% that the treasure you receive is a Saddle when you reel it in.

This is probably the easiest but most time consuming way to acquire a Saddle in your Minecraft world.

Trading With Villagers

minecraft master-level leatherworker saddle

Villagers in Minecraft offer a ton of different items that you can purchase from them.

On Bedrock Edition there is a 50% chance that a master-level leatherworker will have a Saddle for sale for six Emeralds.

On Java Edition a master-level leatherworker will always offer a Saddle for sale for six Emeralds.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you know to know about how to acquire a Saddle while exploring in Minecraft! It can be used to ride & control many mobs like Striders, Donkeys & Horses.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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