How to Make an Item Frame in Minecraft

how to make an item frame minecraft

An Item Frame can be crafted out of eight wooden sticks & a single piece of Leather on a crafting table.

What Is an Item Frame Used For?

In Minecraft Item Frames are used to turn basically any item into a decorative piece of art that you can hang on walls & surfaces.

You can place many items such as swords, armor pieces, food items & more inside of the frames.

To place an item inside of the frame, you must first hang the frame on a solid block such as a wall, tree, cactus, etc.

With the empty frame hanging up, equip the item you want to frame and use it on the empty hanging frame. This will place the item inside of the frame on the wall.

Once an item is inside of an item frame, you can only remove it by punching it with your hand. This will remove the item inside of the frame & keep the blank frame on the wall.

How Do You Craft an Item Frame?

Item frames are easily craftable & they only take a few materials to make. You will need to collect eight wooden sticks & a single piece of Leather to begin crafting.

Refer the the image below for the crafting table recipe. This crafts one frame at a time.

minecraft item crame crafting recipe

Finding an Item Frame

You can craft Item Frames but you can also find them naturally generating within the Minecraft world. You can also trade with a villager using Emeralds.

Trading – If you can locate an expert-level cartographer within an NPC village, you can potentially purchase an Item Frame from him. If he offers it for sale, it will cost you seven Emeralds.

Finding – The only place you can find a naturally generating Item Frame is within End Ships. Within these ships spawns an Item Frame with a pair of Elytra displayed inside. You can break the frame & collect it.

minecraft item frame elytra

Glowing Item Frames

One of the many updates included in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs part one is the ability to create Glowing Item Frames.

Glowing Item Frames function just like regular Item Frames except for the fact that they emit a warm golden glow.

How to Craft a Glowing Item Frame:

  • First, obtain a Glow Ink Sac from a Glow Squid.
  • Then combine the Glow Ink Sac with a regular Item frame to create a Glowing Item Frame.
minecraft glowing item frame

Item Frames in general are purely cosmetic & don’t have any sort of special ability or utility associated with them.

They make a nice touch to your homes & builds if you care about building & aesthetics while playing Minecraft.

Wrapping Up

We’ve covered everything you need to know about making Item Frames & Glowing Item Frames in Minecraft.

We hope you found this short guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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