How to Make Paper in Minecraft?

minecraft how to craft paper

Looking for information on how to make paper in Minecraft? In this article we’ll show you & cover everything you need to know about crafting paper in Minecraft.

What Is Paper Used For?

Paper in Minecraft has many important uses. You can craft things such as books, empty maps, banners & more.

Books – The most important use for paper in Minecraft is to craft books. Books are important because they are used for crafting enchanting tables.

Bookshelves – Books are also used to craft bookshelves which allow you to use higher level enchantments from the crafting table.

Empty Maps – Maps are a major part of navigation in Minecraft & super important for exploring the land. You can craft a map with 9 sheets of paper.

How do you Make Paper?

Paper can be found from exploring or created with a crafting table in Minecraft.

If you are hunting for paper you can find it from chest loot on shipwrecks & inside of strongholds & NPC villages.

If you would rather craft paper instead of searching for it, you need to follow the crafting recipe below.

You will need only need 3 sugar cane & a crafting table to create 3 sheets of paper.

minecraft paper sugar cane recipe

That is the basics of everything you need to know about crating paper in Minecraft!

We hope you found this article useful. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to comment below.!

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