How to Make Poké Balls In Pixelmon Reforged Mod

pixelmon all poke balls

There are tons of different Poké Balls available in the Pixelmon Reforged mod, 22 so far to be exact. In this article, we’ll show you where to find materials & how to craft them.

Gather the Materials

In order to begin crafting Poké Balls in Pixelmon, you must first gather the necessary materials. Below we breakdown exactly what you need.


pixelmon how to find apricorns

These are found all throughout the world in forest biomes. They spawn randomly & each tree regenerates at the same rate.

Note: You can also use the forage ability on leaves with a Bug or Grass type Pixelmon. This is not as effective as finding apricorns.

Iron Ingots

You will need to source iron as usual and process it into ingots. You can also use aluminum in replace of iron, but it only makes 3 ball discs instead of 5 like iron.

Stone Buttons

You will need 1 stone button for each Poké Ball that you want to craft. Stone buttons are very easy to make. Simply place 1 stone block in the middle of the crafting table to create them.

The Pixelmon Anvil

Before you begin putting the Poké Balls together, you’ll also need to craft a Pixelmon Anvil. You can’t use the regular Minecraft anvil during this process, it must be a Pixelmon anvil.

You need 8 iron ingots to craft the anvil. The image below shows you the recipe.

how to craft an anvil in pixelmon

Crafting the Poké Balls

Now that you’ve gathered all of the materials, we can begin piecing them all together to create our first Poké Balls.

Step 1: Cook the Apricorns

Cook all of your apricorns in the furnace until they turn into “cooked apricorns”. It takes 3 cooked apricorns to create any Poké Ball.

You can create various different types of balls depending on the color of apricorns that you use. Each ball has a different color combination.

Step 2: Craft the Discs

In the crafting table, line up 3 iron ingots to craft them into 5 iron discs. These will function as the bottom half of the Poké Balls.

In the crafting table again, line up 3 apricorns of your choice & craft them into Poké Ball discs. The amount you get will vary depending on the type of ball you are trying to make.

pixelmon how to make poke balls

Step 3: Turn the Discs Into Lids & Bases

You will need any type of hammer for this next part. Head to the Pixelmon anvil you crafted & place the discs onto it. You can only do 1 disc at a time & must do this for both iron & Poké Ball discs.

Left click on the discs on the anvil & you will create Poké Ball lids & iron bases.

pixelmon how to make poke balls hammer disc

Step 4: Assemble the Poké Balls

Now that you have all of your pieces made, head back to the crafting table and assemble the balls you want to create. See the image below for the recipe.

pixelmon how to make a normal poke ball

You’ve now learned how to craft Poké Balls in the Minecraft Pixelmon mod! We hope you found this article useful. Gotta catch them all!

Non-Craftable Poké Balls

You should know that not every single Poké Ball in Pixelmon can be crafted. These include Cherish Balls, GS Balls, Master Balls, and Park Balls.

These balls can only be obtained through advancing in the game and receiving special drops.

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