How to Move Villagers in Minecraft

how to move villagers in minecraft

Find an NPC village in Minecraft that’s too far away from your base or want some neighbors on a single player world? In this guide we’ll show you some of the ways to transport villagers so that you can trade with them more often.

How to Move the Villagers

You can move villagers in Minecraft by boat, minecart or job block manipulation. Due to some of the benefits villagers bring in Minecraft, such as trading, it can be helpful to have them closer to you or at a location of your choosing.


minecraft villagers boat

Boats will arguably be the most efficient way to transport villagers. When you find a villager you can place the boat in front of them on the ground and they can pop inside.

Boats can be driven on land and with the villager in the back you can pilot the boat to your destination.

This method of transport is cheap in terms of resources, quite fast especially if you get the boat in water, and easy. The only drawback with this method is that boats cannot move upwards so you must move at the same level or down.

Minecarts and Rails

vilager minecart minecraft

This method is one of the more costly and time consuming ways to transport villagers; however it lets you transport multiple villagers at once and is very fast after you lay the initial rail tracks.

Once you find a villager and have the resources to invest in making a minecart system, you can place the tracks from the village to the desired location. Then force the villagers into the minecart on the tracks and send them to their destination.

Unlike boats minecarts can go up or down making this the fastest way to transport villagers on land.

Job Block Manipulation

villager job blocks minecraft

Job block manipulation is one of the final ways to transport villagers however it’s a very inefficient strategy if used by itself.

The way this method works is by destroying the job block a villager is assigned to. Then place another job block close enough for the newly unemployed villager to walk over to the new job block. Repeat this as needed until you get to the location you want the villager to stay at.

Since this method requires a lot of starting and stopping we recommend using this in combination with using boats. Using the job blocks you can move the villagers upward if needed.

This can be very useful when used with boats since they can only move down and not up.

Did this guide help you transport villagers to your own man made village or do you have any other transportation ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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