How to Play Among Us With 100 Players

How to Play Among Us With 100 Players

Among Us Modded Lobby Guide

Among Us has become a hugely popular game over the last few weeks. What started as a simple and fun 4-10 player online or offline experience has become an Internet sensation.

So much so that players are coming up with innovative ways to play with more than the usual limit of 10.

The game is already super fun with only 10 players. So adding 90 more players into the mix is insanity – especially if you have a lot of friends.

This week, a mod has made queuing up these massive lobbies possible.

In order to create these lobbies, you must utilize a community-made mod.

This means this gameplay is only available to PC gamers at the current time.  Sorry console and phone players, but this mod is not for you.

Install the Mod at Your Own Risk

If you are playing Among Us on PC you will need to take certain steps in order to deploy and launch the mod. 

Keep in mind, that downloading a community-made mod can disrupt the current state of your game – download and install at your own risk.

This mod is not officially supported by the developer Innersloth and you need to keep that in mind before you install.

This Is a Community Made Mod

If you have evaluated the risk and are still willing to try out the mod, this is what you need to do:

  1. Download the Among Us 100 Player Mod from Mediafire
  2. Locate Among Us in Steam
  3. Right-click Among Us and click Manage
  4. Browse Local Files
  5. Move files from Mediafire folder into the Among Us folder

Once you have completed these steps, the mod should be installed.

If you completed all of the steps correctly you should see “Socksfor1” in red text underneath your ping once you are in a lobby. 

If you do not see this red text then something went wrong. Repeat steps 1 thru 5 again. 

Assuming all went well and you successfully installed the mod, you can now play 100 player games of Among Us. 

If you are curious to see what a game of this size looks like, check out this video YouTube video bySocksfor1.

Uninstalling The 100 Player Mod

If you need to uninstall the mod, the best way to do this is by uninstalling the game completely and reinstalling from steam. 

This is the surest way to get rid of the mod after you have installed it.

This is a great community made mod and is definitely worth checking out.  100 player games of Among Us get really hectic as you can imagine.

Play at your own risk and have fun!

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