How to Play Hide and Seek Extreme on Roblox

hide and seek extreme roblox

Hide and Seek Extreme is a Roblox game that came out in 2015, and is still popular years later! In this article we’re going to tell you exactly what Hide and Seek Extreme is, and how to play it.

How to Play Hide and Seek Extreme Roblox

This Roblox game developed by Tim7775, is a fun online version of hide and seek. You’re either a hider or a seeker, and there are a variety of maps to play on!

Hide and Seek Maps

maps hide and seek extreme roblox

When you first spawn into the game, a map will be chosen at random. There are several different maps, some being the kitchen, the attic, the backyard, and “Ethan’s bedroom”.

On these maps your avatar will be a tiny person in a huge over-sized room/area. You’ll have many places to hide, and hidden teleportation spots around the map that take you to more hidden areas.

Playing as a Hider

After you spawn onto the map, the hiders will have 60 seconds to find a hiding spot. When the 60 seconds is up, “It” will be released and can start finding players.

You can run around the map while the seeker is looking for each player, or you can stay hidden in one spot the whole time.

Moving around the map will help you stay away from “It” as long as possible!

hider hide and seek extreme roblox

If the four minutes runs out and you haven’t been found, you’ll earn 10 credits! If “It” does find you, you die and have to wait till the next turn to play again.

Playing as a Seeker or “It”

it hide and seek extreme roblox

Once a map is chosen, “It” will be chosen randomly just like the map. Whoever is chosen to be “It” has to seek, while all the other players hide.

When it’s your turn to seek, you will have four minutes to find as many hiders as possible! If you find all players before the time runs out, you’ll earn credits.

hide and seek extreme roblox

When you’re chosen as “It”, you spawn onto the map frozen in a block of ice, and can’t move until the first 60 seconds is up.

Instead of spawning in your own avatar skin, you’re in a different avatar skin. After 60 seconds is up, you start seeking!

hide and seek extreme roblox

“It” players always have one of three abilities:

1. Glue: Drop glue in front of you, and other players get stuck to it for a few seconds!
2. Camera: The seeker can place cameras around the map, making it easier to spot hiders!
3. Sprint: This increases your walkspeed, making it easier to catch up to hiders!

Each ability can help you get a little closer to finding all of the hiders in your round!

Wrapping Up

This is all you need to know about Hide and Seek Extreme! Have you played this game yet? What is your favorite map?

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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