Nico’s Nextbot is not the only Nextbot game famous in Roblox right now.

Evade Nextbots is the next in line and takes a more active approach to what the players can do to survive longer.

Since some game mechanics and strategies are different from Nico’s Nextbots, let us look at some tips and tricks on how to run faster in Evade Nextbots Roblox.

How to Run Faster in Evade Nextbots Roblox

Some techniques in Nico’s Nextbots carry over to Evade Nextbots: Bunny hopping, Strafe Tapping, and Wall Running.

Let us look at how we can do these two or watch the video below to see how all of these methods are done.

Bunny Hopping or BHopping

Here are the steps for Bunny Hopping.

  1. Run.

  2. Jump.

  3. When you are in the air, let go of the forward button, W.

  4. Strafe toward the direction you want to go while in mid-air.

  5. Once you are about to hit the ground, hold the W button.

  6. Immediately jump again right when you land.

  7. Repeat steps 2 to 5 repeatedly to gain speed.

Strafe Tapping

Here are the steps for Strafe Tapping.

  1. Run.

  2. Constantly tap the strafe buttons while running.

Wall Running

Here are the steps for Wall Running.

  1. Run while beside a wall.

  2. Hold the Strafe button while running beside a wall.

You can watch these methods in action in this video by Roblox Content Creator jfan.

Aside from these methods, you can buy items to help you move faster. Let us look at these shop items.

Hermes Shoes

The Hermes Shoes cost 4000 in-game dollars and require you to be at least level 30.

The item description says it “increases running acceleration by 60 percent.”

This means your base running speed and max running speed do not increase, but the time it takes to get max running speed is shorter.

Essentially, it is best used for short sprints or tight turns.


The Stilts cost 2500 in-game dollars and require you to be at least level 20.

The item description says it “increases maximum speed by 6 percent.”

This means your maximum running speed increases, but the time it needs to get maximum speed is longer.

The time you need to run as fast as another player with no items is the same, but you can go faster in the long run.

Essentially, it’s best to use it for long runs or bigger and longer spaces where you can run uninterrupted.

You can see a comparison and in-depth analysis of both items in this video by Roblox content creator JMT and this video by Roblox content creator mrsoft.

If you want to try out Evade Nextbots Roblox, you can start playing by visiting the official Evade game page.