Blox Fruits is packed with numerous quests that players are required to complete. These quests are quite essential when it comes to getting access to new locations, your equipment, and some additional perks.

For that reason, one such quest that we are diving into today is the Colosseum quest. This particular quest also includes a puzzle that most players may struggle with. So In this guide, we will be helping you with this very puzzle that needs to be solved in order to complete the quest. 

Solving the Colosseum quest puzzle

In order to solve the puzzle, you are required to enter a secret code with symbols on the wall (at the location of the gladiators). This secret code is located right under the dinner table at Don Swan’s Mansion.

Do keep in mind that you have to be at least level 850 in order to begin the Colosseum quest. After that, interact with Bartilo, and he will assign you the following tasks: 

  • Defeat 50 Swan Pirates
  • Defeat Jeremy
  • Rescue the Gladiators

Defeating 50 Swan Pirates won’t be a problem because you can simply locate them in the city. After that, return to Bartilo, and he will now ask you to locate and defeat Jeremy. For that, make your way to the top of the mountain located near the Swan Pirates location. Defeat Jeremy and return back to Bartilo.

Lastly, he will ask you to rescue the gladiators and solve a puzzle.

Rescue the Gladiators

To locate the gladiators, head inside the Colosseum, and from the center, take a left. Right under the left pathway is where the gladiators will be kept. To rescue them, you will have to solve a puzzle that requires a secret code. This code needs to be entered by using the symbols on the walls at the same location.

The secret code can be found under the dinner table at Don Swan’s Mansion. For your convenience, here we have the code in the right order “Y, sideways 8 (∞), C, S, M, F, N, B”.

The symbols on the walls at the location of gladiators will look similar to these words. Be sure to enter the code in the same order to get gladiators rescued. This will complete the Colosseum quest puzzle, and you will be rewarded with the following perks:

  • Warrior Helmet
  • Ability to talk to the Alchemist NPC
  • Access to the King Red Head NPC