The Flames Event is one of many events you may encounter during your adventures across Losomn in Remnant 2. Like all events, you may or may not encounter this one during your playthrough.

This event can be found in Losomn and will appear on the map as the Shattered Gallery or Gilded Chambers.

How to solve the Flames Event torch puzzles in Remnant 2

This event is straightforward but will require some critical thinking skills. In order to complete this puzzle, you will need to shoot the flower-shaped Braziers/torches that hold the colored flames until they all match.

Shooting a darker flame on the left side of the room will cause it to switch to a lighter-colored flame but will also change the flame to the left of the one you shot to the same color.

This same principle applies to shooting lighter flames and reverses sides when shooting at flames on the right side of the room.

Once you match every flame in the room to the color of your choosing, a door will open where you will be granted either a White Pawn Stamp or a Black Pawn Stamp ring.

The ring you receive is based on which color flames you choose to match.

Matching the black flames grants the black ring & the white flames grant the white ring.

White Pawn Stamp vs. Black Pawn Stamp

Each ring has different stats that might suit your build better based on your goals.

Check out the stats so you can make the best decision for your build when completing this puzzle.

White Pawn Stamp:

– Reduces mod power requirements by 10%

– Great if you rely on mod powers, as it will reduce the amount of mod power needed to activate by 10%.

Black Pawn Stamp:

– Reduces the cooldown of skills by 10%

– Great if you rely on your active skill and want to reduce the time it takes to cool down by 10%.

Navigating the Flames Event in Remnant 2 is as much about strategy as it is about choice. Do you lean towards mod power or quicker skill cooldowns? The decision is yours, and it boils down to the flames you align with.