Despite being released over 16 years ago, Team Fortress 2 (TF2) remains a beloved classic in the gaming community. This July, the game received a significant summer update, reinforcing its longevity and dedication to its loyal player base.

How Spawn and Add Bots to Your TF2 Server

For those eager to sharpen their skills or simulate a full lobby, here’s a brief guide on adding bots to your TF2 server:

  1. After server creation, activate the developer console in the game settings.

  2. Access the console using the tilde (~) key.

  3. Input “mp_teams_unbalance_limit 99999” to enable unlimited bots.

  4. Add bots by either inputting “tf_bot_add” followed by the desired bot count or using the command “bot -name “bot name” -class “class name” -team “team color” for specific bot customization.

  5. Confirm your command with the enter key to spawn the bots successfully.

Additional commands that can enhance the bot experience in TF2 include:

  • tf_bot_add [<count>] [<class>] [<team>] [<difficulty>] [<name>]: Adds a specified number of bots to the game. You can specify the bots’ class, team, difficulty, and name.
  • tf_bot_difficulty <level>: Sets the difficulty level of all bots in the game.
  • tf_bot_force_class <class>: Forces all bots to change to the specified class.
  • tf_bot_join_after_player <integer>: If set to 1, bots will only join the game after a player has joined.
  • tf_bot_keep_class_after_death <integer>: If set to 1, bots will keep their class after death.
  • tf_bot_kick <name/all>: Kicks the specified bot or all bots from the game.
  • tf_bot_quota <integer>: Sets the number of bots that should be in the game.
  • tf_bot_quota_mode<normal/fill/match>: Sets how the bot quota should be maintained.

Furthermore, beyond console commands, you can also utilize third-party software like:

  • SourceMod: A server-side modification for incorporating TF2 bots.
  • TF2 Bot Manager: A handy tool designed for bot additions.

To remove bots, use the tf_bot_kick command. For instance, tf_bot_kick will oust all bots in the game.

Tips for Enhancing Your TF2 Bot Experience

While bots offer a convenient way to simulate multiplayer gameplay, there are certain things to keep in mind:

  • Only specific maps and game modes have official bot support. For comprehensive details on bot pathing and supported maps, refer to the official TF2 wiki.

  • If a server’s player capacity is maxed out due to bots, human players will be barred from joining.

  • Server settings can be adjusted so that bots automatically populate both teams when a player joins. This ensures that as human players join, bots will leave to make room.