Anime Fighting Simulator X is one of the most popular Roblox Games, primarily because of the vast number of Anime lovers. One of the newest bosses in the game is Overhaul or Kai Chisaki from My Hero Academia. However, many people have trouble spawning him through the boss arena.

This guide will tackle everything you need to know about spawning the Overhaul boss in Anime Fighting Simulator X, its requirements, and what quirk you will get after besting him on the battlefield.

How to Get Eri Shards in Anime Fighting Simulator X

killing yakuza commander and stain for eri shards in anime fighting simulator x

Many players seem to miss this step, as it is not precisely indicated anywhere that you would need Eri Shards to have the Overhaul boss spawn.

To get these shards, you must visit the My Hero Academia-themed Island and kill the Yakuza Commander or Stain to get Eri Shards. Having a Luck Boost buff will further speed up the gathering of Eri Shards.

If you talk to the Falcon N.P.C. (Hawks from the Anime), you'll be able to get a quest that rewards you with 8,500 Yen for eliminating 10 Yakuza mobs. This simple quest allows you to earn additional Yen while waiting for the Yakuza Commander or Stain to spawn.

How to Spawn the Overhaul Boss in Anime Fighting Simulator X

After you acquire the Eri Shards, you must head straight to the Endeavor NPC (the same island as the Falcon NPC) and interact with him. He will then teleport you to the boss arena and spawn Overhaul.

Do note that you only need one (1) Eri Shard to summon Overhaul. However, you may need to give the boss a few tries because you can get a rare quirk drop from him. Consider saving Eri Shards to farm for the Overhaul Quirk in one go quickly.

Overhaul Quirk Boss Drop

overhaul quirk boss drop in anime fighting simulator x

Although the chances of getting the Overhaul Quirk drop are slim, it's still manageable if you have a solid party rallying against the boss.

Here are the moves that you'll get with the Overhaul Quirk:

  • Punch - Dash and punch forward, providing a debuff (enemies take 20% more damage for 10 seconds) to the target opponent.
  • Earthborn Skewers - Summons a wave of skewers.
  • Reassemble - Reassemble your body, allowing you to heal over time.
  • Earth Rend - Sends a barrage of Earth Fissures that provide damage over time (D.O.T.).

Overall, these attacks offer a decent amount of A.O.E. damage and a healing skill, which is helpful if you're in a pickle. However, it does seem a bit underwhelming compared to others, like the One-Tail Transformation.

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