How to Start or Join a Guild in Deepwoken

how to join a guild deepwoken

Deepwoken is a permadeath, PvP experience that can be difficult to solo alone, which is why joining or creating a guild can be so crucial to the growth of your player. This guide looks at the prerequisites to starting your guild, where to go, and the perks of being a part of a guild.

How Do You Start a Guild?

Starting your guild has only two prerequisites:

  • You must be at least Power 15.
  • You must be able to pay 100 notes to the Guild Clerk NPC.

Talking with the Guild Clerk allows you to choose a Guild name, a color for your sails. In addition, it will give you the Guild Officer tool in your inventory. This tool lets you invite other players to your new guild and promote or exile them.

Where Do You Find the Guild Clerk NPC?

The Guild Clerk NPC is found in Etris, further down the path from Lance’s Food and the windmill, following the way until you see a wooden house with two pillars and white stairs going in.

You will find the Guild Clerk at the back of the room. After paying and filling out the paperwork, you’ll have your very own guild.

How Do You Join a Guild?

how to start a guild deepwoken

The easiest way to find guilds is by joining the official Deepwoken Guild Hub Discord. Many of the Deepwoken guilds, including Deepwoken staff, are either recruiting, forming alliances, or talking about Deepwoken.

What Are the Benefits of Joining or Starting a Guild?

Being able to coordinate with other players will be critical. According to LordSendo, there is the possibility of World Events happening in Deepwoken that are so massive that they will require the entire server to combat it.

Guilds also allow players to work with others specifically, such as boss battles or bounties.

What Happens if the Leader Leaves a Guild?

Nothing will change. All the members will still be in the guild with the same name. They will only be leaderless.

How Do You Leave a Guild?

Either talk with the Guild Clerk NPC and leave, or the leader can exile you.

I Keep Seeing “Your guild name was moderated.”

You may have to try a different variation on spelling or another name entirely before the name is accepted.

How Do You Promote Someone in a Guild?

You can use the Guild Officer tool on the player’s inventory and promote them.

Can You Join a Guild at Level 1?

There are no game restrictions on joining guilds. To start your guild, however, you must be Power 15.

Wrapping Up

Deepwoken is easier to play with guild members you can depend on. With a community growing every day, it’s a great idea to find a group you can play with.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions on joining or starting guilds, please leave us a comment below.

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