Perhaps one of the most fun yet crucial part of Fire Force Online is trading with other players. Trading can become quite beneficial if you have some cool items in hand (that might be extra for you) while other players are in need of it. 

You can trade in a particular item for some money or maybe buy yourself an item that you are struggling to get your hands on. But how do you even start trading? In this guide, we will be helping you with this very question. Read along to know more about it. 

How to Start Trading in Fire Force Online

In order to trade with other players, all you have to do is interact with Gregory at the warehouse, who will allow you to trade with other players available. 

Do bear in mind that you will obviously not be able to trade if you’re on your own. So be sure to interact with Gregory when there are a few players on your server in order to trade successfully. 

To find Gregory, make your way to the main city. Here you will find a fountain park at the center surrounded by a few buildings. Head towards one of its corners and locate a warehouse that is surrounded by a cage. Head inside the warehouse from the entrance on the opposite side, or maybe climb through the cage if you have the ability to do so. 

Once inside the warehouse, in one of its corners is where you will spot Gergory. Interact with Gregoy, he will ask you if you want to trade with other players. Hit yes, and a list of all the players you can trade within the server will appear.

Trade with other players in Fire Force Online

Click on the name you want to trade, and then the trading menu will open up. Here you can offer the items that you want to trade from your inventory and the other players will offer theirs.

If you think that the trade is reasonable enough, then accept the trade and voila. You’re good to go.

Since there are no official trading values or guidelines in this game, it’s recommend that you hang out in the official Fire Force Online Discord in order to find good trades and get an idea of item values.

Like all games with trading and economies, be careful when making deals as some items are naturally more rare and worth more than others.