How to Turn off Fire Spread in Minecraft

minecraft fire spread command

You can turn off fire spread in Minecraft by activating cheats in your settings & entering some code in the command line.

What Is Fire Spread in Minecraft?

As you most likely already know, fire spreads quickly in Minecraft & can damage & destroy your buildings & hard work.

Fire in Minecraft spreads over multiple surfaces & can climb up walls, across floors, up to ceilings & even jump across small gaps.

Lava that happens to spawn near flammable blocks can also ignite fires & will cause the fire to spread as usual.

It is possible for lightning to strike flammable blocks or objects & naturally cause a fire.

There is an algorithm that controls exactly how fires in Minecraft work & behave. It is made up of 10’s of other factors that dictate the rules of fire & how it spreads across the world.

How to Turn off Fire Spread in Minecraft

Fire is a regular part of the game & is challenging to deal with if you fall victim to it.

You can turn fire off by using the following command in the command line.

Reminder: You will need to turn on cheats in order to turn off fire spread. This will void your achievements in case you care about that.

/gamerule doFireTick false

This will disable the ability for fire to spread in your world. This is helpful for those who are building complex builds & don’t want the risk of fire destroying their work.

It is also combats griefing on your server & stops people from setting your world on fire.

If you want to enable fire spreading again type the following code in the command line.

/gamerule doFireTick true

Wrapping Up

This covers everything you need to know about fire spread in Minecraft & how to turn it off in your world.

Remember that enabling cheats to use this code in the command line will void your achievements

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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