Fired Brick is a necessary resource you will eventually need to obtain to progress further into Embervale in Enshrouded. Players seem to be confused about how you unlock the recipe in the first place. In this guide, we’ll clear that up and have you layin’ brick in no time.

How to unlock the Fired Brick recipe in Enshrouded

To unlock the Fired Brick recipe in Enshrouded, you must complete the Carpenter’s Vault, which will give you access to Cade Hawthorn, the Carpenter, and the ability to find clay around the map.

unlocking the carpenters vault in enshrouded

This seems a bit backward, as you might have expected the Fired Brick recipe to be at the Blacksmith’s charcoal kiln, but it’s Cade’s kiln that you’ll need access to.

To get cookin’, you’ll need to build the kiln, which requires these resources:

  • 50x stone
  • 10x lumps of clay
  • 10x metal scraps
  • 2x twigs

Once you have the correct kiln built & placed, you’ll need to gather more clay and some wood logs, the two ingredients necessary to forge the bricks with a 1:1 ratio of clay/logs.

With the necessary resources, you can begin firing them in the kiln. Each brick takes 30 seconds to cook.

Where to find clay and logs

Clay is abundant around the Revelwood biome and is minable with a pickaxe. You can find it sticking out of cliff faces, and it’s also found in large nodes scattered around the map. A good place to start is just north of the Farmer’s Vault.

Logs can be obtained from chopping trees, but you probably have more than enough by this point in the game.

Uses for Fired Bricks

The primary use for the bricks is to craft the Smelter, Alchemy Station, Laboratory, and other important stations, which are crucial for advancing further in the game.

They can also be used to craft clay fireplaces, which provide warmth, and Fired Brick blocks, which can be used to stylize your base.

Now that you’re bricked up, you can continue your journey through the Shroud and flames.