Whether you’re new or a veteran of Anime Fighting Simulator X, you know that this Roblox game mode pays homage to some of the most famous transformations in Anime history. One of these transformations is the Hollowfication from Bleach. This article will provide a complete guide on unlocking the Hollowfication in Anime Fighting Simulator X and if it’s worth the hassle.

How to Get the Hollowfication in Anime Fighting Simulator X

The first requirement for getting the Hollowfication transformation is to finish the quest from Boom (N.P.C.) called Super Tier Magic. This quest will require you to gain 1 Billion Chakra, Durability, and Strength. Here are a few areas that you can utilize to get this as quickly as possible:

  • Executor Bot – Strength
  • Coffin Boat – Chakra
  • Ursus Shock – Durability

After acquiring 1 Billion points for Chakra, Durability, and Strength, go back to Boom, and he will teach you the Fallen Down skill. Unlocking the Fallen Down skill will let you progress through the quest for obtaining the Hollowfication transformation.

Hollowfication Quest

zoru quest npc in anime fighting simulator x

The quest for the Hollowfication transformation is 100 Billion Chakra, Durability, Sword, and Strength. All in all, that’s a total of 400 Billion points, which is a lot. Boom will tell you to train with Zoru on the beach near the meteorYou’ll find Zoru on a boat, and if you talk to him, he’ll ask you to gain 1 Billion Sword points.

After getting 1 Billion Sword points, Zoru will give you the Scissor Blade, the Rising Slash skill, and 20,000 Yen. Zoru will then give you a new quest called Excalibur, which requires 100 Billion Sword points.

T.I.P.: From this point, you should use Stat Boosts to help you grind the points faster. Also, don’t forget to grind for your multipliers first before attempting to AFK farm your stat points.

Go to the new Speed training area (U.A. Training Grounds) to do this as efficiently as possible. Once you get there, start using this pattern: Jump+Slash. Not only will you get sword points by slashing, but you’ll also gather speed points through jumping. Return to Zoru and collect your rewards, including the Excalibur sword, the Revenger skill, and 20,000 Yen.

Upon reaping the rewards, travel to the U.A. Training Grounds once again and train your Chakra. After reaching 100 Billion Chakra, your next objective would be to train your Durability in the Ursus Shock and the Sludge Villain.

Lastly, you want to head to Executor Bot first and then Laboon for the Strength stat. Once you’ve finally bore the fruits of your labor and training, talk to Boom for the last time, and he’ll grant you the Hollowfication Transformation in Anime Fighting Simulator X.

Is the Hollowfication Worth It in Anime Fighting Simulator X?

hollowfication power in anime fighting simulator x

As incredible as the transformation sounds, many players seem to continually ask if Hollowfication is even worth grinding for in Anime Fighting Simulator X. Let’s first take a look at the stats provided by Hollowfication:

  • 30% Damage Reduction
  • 40% Universal Damage Boost

The 30% Damage Reduction is enormous, considering you won’t get one-shot by certain bosses in late-game. As for the 40% Universal Damage Boost, that’s just a great bonus buff that you get when you activate Hollowfication.

Although one may argue that the one-tail transformation is better, we believe Hollowfication is still something you should not sleep on. It’s just that the method of obtaining Hollowfication may be a bit tedious to some people.