Rebirthing is a new feature added to Pet Simulator 99 that was unavailable in the previous title, Pet Simulator X. Upon Rebirthing, players are rewarded with many rewards such as potions, consumables & more!

This guide will show you how to reach Rebirth One in Pet Sim 99, what you get for Rebirthing, and if it’s worth it.

How to Unlock Rebirth One In Pet Simulator 99

To unlock Rebirth One in Pet Simulator 99, you must reach World 25 and interact with the golden cat statue.

Rebirthing is not necessary or required to continue to World 26 and higher, but the grind will be challenging without doing so.

When you interact with the statue, you will see this popup stating what happens when you Rebirth and what you will receive for going through with it.

Rebirth One Rewards:

  • Ability to Teleport to any unlocked World
  • Increase pet strength by 75%
  • Castle Key (Unlocks Spinny Wheel, Trading Plaza & more)
  • 10,000 gems
  • Some potions, consumables & other small items

The only thing you lose when going through with a Rebirth is your coins; everything else stays (gems, pets, items, etc.), and all worlds are locked again.

The increased pet damage makes completing the Worlds over again fast & easy until you get back to World 25 and begin working towards Rebirth Two.

Overall, almost all players rebirth, as the game will be way too much of a grind without doing it.

Also, if you want to access the Huge Machine & Trading Plaza, you have no choice but to go through with it, as you can’t access them without it.