Blade Ball prides itself on tons of unique collectible swords that users can purchase and earn through different means. From wheel spins to the premium shop, there is something for everyone.

In one of the latest updates, the Flowing Katana was introduced and is currently one of the most rare swords in the entire game. Let’s find out how to get it.

How to Unlock the Flowing Katana in Blade Ball

You must have been the #1 top spender during the 2023 daily Christmas Race event to unlock the Flowing Katana.

The Christmas Race event refreshes every day, and when it ends, the person who spent the most Robux in Blade Ball during that time receives the Flowing Katana as a reward.

So, unfortunately, this is not a free-to-play sword skin at all. For example, the #1 person at the time this guide was created had spent 140,000 Robux to claim the first spot in the race.

That is over $1,750 in real money spent to earn the limited Flowing Katana in Blade Ball; who has that kind of cash to spend on a sword in a Roblox game??

If you are super rich and do happen to claim the first spot (or any qualifying spot) in the Christmas Race, the game states that the reward will be mailed to you 1 hour after the daily race ends.

There is no mail system in Blade Ball, so this part is confusing players as to how they claim their prizes from the daily race.

Some users claim that they haven’t received any of their rewards after placing in the race and have been trying to contact the devs for a response with no luck.

Others say that if you don’t receive your rewards automatically, you can claim them through the Christmas Event screen by clicking on your reward and claiming it.

Flowing Katana Style & VFX

blade ball flowing katana

One thing at least about this crazy money grab of a sword is that it is one of the coolest-looking swords in the game and comes with unique VFX and deflect sounds that aren’t found on any other sword.

For almost $2,000 to earn it, it better be worth the time, so at least you can flex on people in lobbies if you have it.

However, the VFX on this sword can’t be customized like some other limited/unique swords in the game, which is kind of a rip-off for the price.

Overall it’s a cool sword if you’re rich and want to flex on poor noobs, but overall just a huge waste of money!