How to Unlock the Steampunk Hoverboard in Pet Sim X

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A new update is out for Pet Sim X (March 5th, 2022), offering players a new way to hone their skills through Mastery. This update also features the unique Steampunk Hoverboard that players can unlock by maxing out one of their Mastery skills.

This guide will share exactly how you get the Steampunk Hoverboard and what ways you can unlock the board as fast as possible.

How Do You Get the Steampunk Hoverboard in Pet Sim X?

steampunk hoverboard pet sim x

The Steampunk Hoverboard can be unlocked by mastering the Conversion skill, maxing it out to level 99. Depending on your level and strategy, this mastery completion can take a long or short time. Still, even with a large amount of the game completed, this mastery completion will take a few hours to complete.

How Do You Level Up the Conversion Skill Fast?

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There are several ways to level up the conversion skill fast:

  • First, buy and convert basic eggs.
  • Or purchase and convert golden eggs.

Depending on your game progression, you may find either one of these easier to go with, but both will get you gaining experience for your Conversion mastery. 

How Do You Level Up Your Conversion with Basic Eggs?

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Buying beginner basic eggs is a great way to start hatching many pets that you can convert into golden pets. This is useful if you are new to the game or want to save your coin. 

Converting pets into either golden or rainbow pets is how you gain experience in Conversion. To maximize the experience, you will want to have as many pets as possible, convert, and not fail.

To get a 100% conversion rate from regular to golden pets, try to fill the converter machine to full with at least six pets.

How Do You Level Up Your Conversion with Golden Eggs?

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To level up your Conversion even faster and have progressed enough in the game, you will want to skip basic eggs and find a particular golden egg in the Tech World.

Try hatching from a golden egg with a high percentage of getting the common pet, at around 97% or 98% percent, to keep your pets organized.

Then, when you hatch, you will receive the same pet type in your inventory, making fusing easier.

When converting golden pets into rainbow pets, the experience you receive is much higher than converting basic pets to golden pets, making rainbow pet conversion one of the fastest ways to max out your Conversion mastery and unlocking the Steampunk Hoverboard.

Wrapping Up

The Steampunk Hoverboard has the Pet Sim X community excited, with many players grinding the Conversion levels necessary to get it.

To unlock the hoverboard faster, consider making your conversion success rate as high as possible, as well as converting golden pets to rainbow pets.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions about unlocking the Steam Hoverboard, please comment below.

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