If you’re an OG Pet Simulator X fan or a brand new player, trading your pets & items is vital to building a solid team in any Pet Simulator Game. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the Trading Plaza & where to find it!

How to Unlock the Trading Plaza in Pet Sim 99

To unlock the Trading Plaza in Pet Sim 99, you must work to World 25 and rebirth at the Rebirth 1 golden cat statue.

rebirth one cat statue pet sim 99

You do not have to rebirth, but doing so unlocks many benefits and rewards, including the ability to enter the Trading Plaza and start selling your items!

Once you reach Rebirth 1, you will receive the Castle Key, which unlocks the Castle Area near the spawn. Unlock the first two walls & you should see it on your left.

Head to the castle and unlock it with the key. Inside, you will find some shops, machines, and the entrance to the Trading Plaza.

Head to the far back of the Castle area to enter the Trading Plaza, that’s it! You can now list your pets & items for sale for other players to purchase. Or, if you need pets/items yourself, you can buy them from sellers!

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