How to Upgrade Your Mantras in Deepwoken 

how to upgrade your mantra in deepwoken

Deepwoken – the hit Roblox fighting game can get a little complex and difficult, so in this guide we’ll be covering one of the most vital aspects that’ll aid you in your journey – Mantras, and how to upgrade them. 

How Do You Get a Mantra?

Mantras are, essentially, the game’s form of magic and spells. They provide special elemental boosts to your attacks, and even grant benefits to your character’s movement abilities. Within Deepwoken, Mantras are going to be a great help to you as you begin to progress through the game – so, here’s how you acquire them.

As you begin the game, you’ll be able to select one of five base Mantras, these include:

  • Flamecharm
  • Thundercall
  • Frostdraw
  • Galebreath
  • Shadowcast

In order to obtain more Mantras, you’ll have to rely on the Power Card system for now.  Every Power Level you achieve, you’ll be granted a selection of four Power Cards to add to your deck. This shouldn’t be too difficult, as the number of cards per level is fairly generous. 

How Do You Upgrade Your Mantras?

  • Once you’ve acquired a Mantra, take it to a campfire
  • Then, you’ll want to ensure you select the ‘recall’ option
  • You’ll now want to visit a Mantra shop and interact with the Mantra table
  • To modify the Mantra, drag it into the Table 
  • You can add ingredients you’ve collected along your journey to add a variety of buffs, but be careful – if the ingredient and Mantra are incompatible, then the ingredient will be lost. Fortunately, you’ll keep your Mantra. 

What do the Upgrades do?

Upgrades offer a wide range of buffs and slight changes to your existing abilities, which can tremendously improve your damage output, health and movement.

For example, the Cloudstone increases the Mantras overall capacity and can be applied to any of the Mantras. Something like the Magnet Spark, however, can only be applied to the Electric Blade, Jolt Grab and Spark Swap, and adds homing projectiles to the Mantra.

Here’s a full list of ingredients you can use to upgrade mantras:

  • Drift Shard – Makes your projectiles faster
  • Rush Shard – Upgraded version of the Drift Shard
  • Aeon Logstone – Makes your mantra’s effects last longer
  • Eternal Logstone – Upgraded version of the Aeon Logstone
  • Cloudstone – Makes your mantra’s abilities bigger in size
  • Stratus Stone – Upgraded version of the Cloudstone
  • Crystal Lens – Increases the range of your weapons
  • Perfect Lens – Upgraded version of the Crystal Lens
  • Amnesiac Driftwood – Removes all modifies from your mantra
  • Vibrant Gem – Increases elemental effects intensity (ice, fire, etc)

Wrapping Up

As of now, those are the basics you need to know for Mantras and their upgrades. Keep an eye out for more guides on Deepwoken, as the game is bound to receive plenty of updates in the future!

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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