Throughout your adventures in Anime Fighting Simulator X, you will acquire many items & resources from killing bosses, completing quests & more. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Shiny Rocks & what they are used for.

How to get Shiny Rocks in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Shiny Rocks are a loot drop from defeating the Pain boss. It is estimated that they drop about 10% of the time each time you defeat the boss, so if you plan on grinding for these, be prepared for it to take a while.

The Pain boss can be found in the main hub area of the game, where the shops and boss timer board are located. Walk up to the demon head totem that says “Boss Battle” above it and click “E” to get teleported into the boss arena. If you can beat him, you might get some Shiny Rocks.

How to use Shiny Rocks in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Shiny Rocks can be used at the Shiny Lab, where you can pay 10 of them to transform your Champion into a shiny version. This will change the way the Champion looks & will also give them a stats & special ability buff.

shiny lab location anime fighting simulator x

The Shiny Lab is located near the burning house in the main spawn city. Bulma is standing outside of the lab. Look for the big glowing sign near the burning house; inside, you will find the Shiny Machine.

Every Champion gets a different color variation when you transform them into a shiny one, so you’ll have to try them all to see which you like best.

Remember that only Champions earned from playing the game and not bought with Robux can be upgraded to a shiny version

Can you remove Shiny from a Champion?

Currently, you cannot remove the shiny upgrade from a Champion after spending the Shiny Rocks to add it to them. Many players have been asking for this feature as they might not like the shiny version of their champion and want to make a different one shiny.

It would be helpful if you could remove the shiny from a Champion and get the rocks back, or at least some of them, so that you can use them again if you change your mind.

As of now, you will have to grind for ten more Shiny Rocks to make another Champion shiny if you don’t like the one you have.