How To Use the Bone in Raise a Floppa Roblox

how to get the bone raise a floppa roblox

Big Floppa is a meme that features two felines, a housecat, and a caracal, perched next to a window.The meme became so popular that FLOPPA#1 created Raise a Floppa so that Roblox players can have their pet caracal, also known as Floppa! However, caring for a caracal isn’t easy, especially when you have enemies, like bandits and a Bingus Soldier to worry about.

During gameplay, you’ll come across various items, including bones, which may leave you puzzled. But, don’t worry; we’ll explain how to get and use bones in Raise a Floppa. 

How to Get the Bone in Raise a Floppa

You can do either of the following to obtain bones in Raise a Floppa:


Fishing is a great way to get many items. You can purchase a fishing rod from the Fishing Stand for $500. Once you’re fishing, pay attention to the purple sparkles in the water. That means you need to start reeling your catch!


Bigfootjinx is a non-playable character that is very useful. You can buy him for $100,000 from one of the shops. That’s a bit expensive, but bigfootjinx is well worth it because he drops valuable items randomly!

How To Use the Bone in Raise a Floppa

The bone’s primary purpose is to tame Chop, the dark brown and white wolf. You can tame Chop by completing the following:

  1. Look for Chop. He’s usually wandering around in the forest. 
  2. Click on Chop while holding the bone. You should see little red hearts floating above the wolf’s head once tamed.

Chop will help you attack enemies for 5 minutes if he’s tamed. He’ll be a great ally when bandits wreak havoc on your house.

Remember that Chop will return to the forest once 5 minutes have passed. You’ll have to keep feeding him bones to make him stay with you.

Wrapping Up

It’s pretty easy to learn how the use the bone. You’re all set as long as you invest in a fishing rod or bigfootjinx! However, do keep in mind that the effects of bones won’t last forever. 

And for goodness sake, don’t let your Floppa starve!

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