How to Use the Enchanting Table in Roblox: BedWars

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You can up your game in Roblox: BedWars by equipping your attack with enchantments, which either boost your character or debuff your opponent. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the Enchanting Table to get your own enchantments.

When was the Enchanting Table added?

Along with the Season 3 Battle Pass, four new kits, and a few other changes, the ‘Enchant Table’ was added to BedWars on December 17, 2021.

What is the Enchanting Table Used for?

enchanting table bedwars roblox

The Enchanting Table is used to enchant your attacks with different effects, giving you more firepower in a game.

How do you Activate the Table During a Game?

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Each base is given its own Enchant Table. At the start of the game, the table is broken and in need of repair. To repair it, it costs eight Diamonds, and then you can start using enchantments.

What Enchantments Can You Get?

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Enchantments are split into three types: Fire, Static, and Void. Fire and Static have three tiers of attack power, while Void is a single-tier enchantment (Tier Three.)

Basic Enchantments cost 80 Iron and you can get either a Fire or Static enchantment with a tier-one or two power level.

There is a 60% chance you’ll receive a tier-one and a 40% chance you’ll receive a tier-two enchantment.

Advanced Enchantments cost four Emeralds and you can get a tier-two or three Fire or Static, or a tier-three Void enchantment.

There is a 70% chance you’ll receive a tier-two and a 30% chance you’ll receive a tier-three enchantment.

What Does Each Enchantment Do?

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Here is a list of what each enchantment does:

  • Fire: Burns your enemies. Tier One does 4 damage every second for 2 seconds, Tier Two does 8 damage for 3 seconds, and Tier Three does 12 damage for 4 seconds.
  • Static: Shocks all enemies that are nearby. Tier One does an extra 5 bonus damage, Tier Two does 10 bonus damage, and Tier Three does 15 bonus damage.
  • Void: Summons an orb over your enemy’s head, which allows them to be instantly killed if they are below 20% health.

Note: If you enchant your sword while it already has an enchantment on it, the previous enchantment will be lost. Also, all enchantments are lost if you die, meaning that a new enchantment will be needed after respawning.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to equip your attack with enchantments, you can use these new tactics to give you an edge in your next game of BedWars.

We hope you enjoyed this guide! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to drop us a comment below.

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    How do I enchant on the enchanting table in bed wars on Xbox (using Xbox controller)? I can open it but I can’t enchant, I have tried holding x but that does not work.


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