How to Whisper in Minecraft Using Commands

minecraft whisper commands

You can whisper to other players in Minecraft by using text commands in the command line. Whispering allows you to secretly communicate and message players.

What is Whispering in Minecraft?

Whispering is a way to secretly communicate with other players close to you or at a distance in Minecraft.

This is useful when you are playing on a server with multiple people & don’t want your messages to be seen by others.

You can quietly communicate to players of your choice without everyone in the server seeing what you are talking about.

Using the Whisper Commands

If you play Minecraft often then you are probably familiar with command blocks & the command line.

In order to create whisper messages in Minecraft, you will have to use the command line.

To whisper you can use either /tell /msg or /w. These all work the exact same way, it’s just your preference as to which one you like to use.

Follow the code with the receiving players username, THGMinecraft for example & then type your message.

The code example below shows you exactly what your command in the command like should look like.

/msg THGMinecraft Hey where are you!?

This command will only send your message to the player of your choice. It will not be seen by any one else on the server (unless they have admin permissions).

Extra Whisper Commands

While you can use the command above to communicate with specific players, there are a few more you can try as well.

The following commands can be used to whisper in different ways.

/msg @a – sends your message to every player on the server

/msg @e – sends your message to every entity on the server

/msg @p – only players closest to you will receive the message

/msg @r – random players on the server will receive the message

/msg @s – sends a message to yourself

Typing the following example code into the command line will send your message to random players.

/msg @r Hey where are you!?

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know up how to whisper in Minecraft! Use these commands to communicate in private with other players on your server.

We hope that you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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