Iron Sledge (Sledgehammer): Valheim Crafting Guide

valheim iron sledgehammer guide

Valheim’s sledgehammer, aptly named the Iron Sledge, is an incredibly useful club-based weapon great for AOE combat.

The Iron Sledge

The Iron Sledge is Valheim’s answer to the sledgehammer. It is a unique, club-based weapon available for players to craft.

Iron Sledge is the Stagbreakers big brother, and as such, this two-handed club is great for AOE clearing areas. This can be helpful for players trying to clear crypts, or for making a path when players get swarmed by Greydwarves, or for eliminating adds during a boss fight.

This club is, essentially, the next tier of the Stagbreaker, as it does considerably more damage.

When players attack with the Iron Sledge, it will slam the weapon on the ground creating an AOE damage radius. This attack will hit any enemies around the player, doing the most damage to whichever enemy is hit directly by the club’s attack.

The catch to using the Iron Sledge is its slow wind-up speed. It has a much slower attack swing than most other weapons, and it will also slow the wielder down a bit when drawn.

valheim iron sledgehammer guide

How to Craft the Iron Sledge

The Iron Sledge first becomes available to craft once players obtain a Draugr Elite trophy. These trophies are obtained from Draugr elite enemies which are found in the Swamp biomes.

It is also worth noting that players will also need to have a level 2 Forge created at their base in order to craft the Iron Sledge.

Materials Required10 Ancient Bark
30 Iron
4 Ymir Flesh
1 Draugr Elite Trophy
2 Ancient Bark
15 Iron
2 Ymir Flesh
4 Ancient Bark
30 Iron
4 Ymir Flesh
6 Ancient Bark
45 Iron
6 Ymir Flesh
Forge Level Required2345
Blunt Damage55616773
Parry Force50607080

Will you be crafting the Iron Sledge, or have you been using it and find it helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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