Is Pet Simulator X Dying? Why Is It Getting Less Popular?

is pet sim x dying 2022

Pet Simulator X is one of Roblox’s most popular games, with thousands of users striving to collect the rarest pets. It’s the most recent addition to Roblox, and the tight-knit fandom is growing strong.

However, a recent decline in the number of players has left the community wondering if Pet Simulator X is dying. Let’s take a closer look at this problem.

Is Pet Sim X Actually Dying or Just Declining?

It’s troubling to see this decline in players. However, this isn’t an indication that the game is dying. Instead, the drop means that Pet Simulator X has slowed down.

According to YouTuber KreekCraft, many Pet Simulator X users believe the game is deteriorating due to the following reasons:

Duplicating (Duping) & Scripting

Duping is a massive issue in Pet Simulator X that has been going on for a while. It is the act of copying pets and items and giving them away to other players. Duplicate pets are automatically deleted from the game, so players refrain from trading their pets because they’re paranoid about obtaining a duplicate.

Duplicates ruin the game’s economy and undermine players’ hard work to collect their pets, making it less fun. 

Lack of Updates & Content

The lack of updates is another problem that Pet Simulator X faces. Unfortunately, updates have become less common now, causing the game to feel repetitive and unchallenging.

Will Pet Sim X Be Popular Again?

kreek craft is pet sim x dying

Although Pet Simulator X’s popularity has slightly decreased, all hope isn’t lost! 

Here are a few improvements that Preston (the Roblox game developer) can make to gain Pet Simulator X’s popularity back:

  1. Preston should continue to find solutions to make duping more difficult. The developer has already stated that he’s trying to eradicate duping in this Twitter post.
  1. Preston needs to release updates for the game soon. In addition to that, the updates need to be more frequent so that the game continues to be engaging.

Wrapping up

Pet Simulator X might have reached its peak in popularity, but that doesn’t mean it’s a goner. As long as Preston creates updates and addresses duping, the game won’t die soon.

Set your worries aside, and hang tight for the next content update!

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