Is the Anime Yes, No, or Maybe Worth Watching?

Yes, No, or Maybe?, is an anime film adaptation of the uprising yaoi manga.

New Favorite Anime: Yes, No, or Maybe?

Known as Yes, No or Maybe (イエスかノーか半分か, Iesu ka Nō ka Hanbun ka) is an Anime adaptation of the yaoi light novel series written by Michi Ichiho and illustrated by Lala Takemiya.

Though the series are published since 2013, the anime film is premiered in 2020 by Japanese animation studio Lesprit on BL-Fes!! (Boys-Love Festival). The anime is about two opposite sides of a person meeting love.

But the question is will the love interest accept the both sides of this persona or will our main-character show him only the good side? Maybe love requires both sides. 

The anime with English subtitles can be watched on Crunchyroll. The anime contains only one episode of 53 minutes. If you’re tired of the week’s work and want a break, this anime is like a joyful snack! 

The Plot

The newscaster, Kei Kunieda, is well known as a kind, friendly and warmhearted person. But what goes through his heart is completely the opposite of his goody goody character at work. While smiling outside, he amusedly curses inside.

One day Kunieda and the news team visit Ushio, a 27 year old independent stop-motion animator, at his house. Of course, Kunieda doesn’t spoil his decent behaviour in front of Ushio. 

Kei Kuineda successfully maintains stability and order in his work and personal life until he involves in a bicycle accident ridden by Ushio Tsuzuki. This accident causes Ushio to injure his wrist.

They head over to Ushio’s apartment to heal his wrist, where Ushio discovers Kunieda’s hidden personality. But Ushio doesn’t recognize Kunieda because of his mask. Thus, Kunieda introduces himself as a different person named Owari. 

Meeting Kunieda’s both personalities at different times but not being aware of it, Kunieda creates a love triangle by mistake. He fears to open up to Ushio. That’s why, Kunieda tries to hide his mean personality from Ushio as he falls in love with him slowly.

Can Kunieda hide his rude persona from Ushio forever or introduce him to Ushio? How will Ushio react? Will he accept him and say Yes? Will he neglect him and say No? Or will he only settle for the good one and say Maybe?

Wrapping Up

So is “Yes, No, or Maybe?” worth watching? If you’re a fan of the genre & willing to be open to any type of story, then this anime is for you.

Give it a watch & let us know what you think of this anime in your own words!

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