Is the VIP Pass Worth It in Pet Simulator X?

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In Pet Simulator X there is a VIP game pass and players are wondering if it’s worth it to purchase one. In this article we tell you all about it and what our opinions are!

What Is the VIP Pass in Pet Simulator X?

vip pass pet simulator x

The VIP pass is one of the many game passes they have in Pet Simulator X. This game pass costs 400 robux in total and gives you access to a few different VIP perks!

You can find the pass and purchase it in the exclusive shop.

Those perks being; access to the VIP area, a VIP gift every 4 hrs, chat tag and color, and double rank XP.

VIP Only Area

vip only area pet simulator x

The VIP only area, located in the starter area by the shop, unlocks once you purchase your pass. The area is covered in diamonds that spawn all over the grass.

These diamonds spawn over and over so you can collect multiple times!

There is a stage in the back with the VIP gift, this is where you can redeem them.

VIP Gifts

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VIP Gifts are a free gift that you can redeem every 4 hours! There are multiple different gifts to win and they are always randomized.

Some of the things you can win are diamonds, super lucky boosts, ultra lucky boosts and more. Super lucky boosts normally cost 99 robux without VIP, while ultra lucky boots cost 249 robux!

super lucky ultra lucky boosts pet sim x

Diamonds can cost anywhere from 195 – 4500 robux! With the pass you can get different amounts of diamonds for free in your gift.

Double Rank XP

vip pass double xp pet sim x

The VIP pass also doubles your rank XP! This perk makes it a lot easier to rank up your player. Go from a noob to a master 2x easier than it would have been without VIP!

Chat Tag and Color

The last perk of becoming VIP is your chat tag and color, along with the VIP game pass you are able to change them both!

Customize your chat tag and color to make them a perfect fit for you.

Is the VIP Pass in Pet Sim X Worth It?

vip pass pet simulator x roblox

So overall what everyone wants to know is, is it worth it? If you are an avid player of Pet Simulator X, and plan to continue constantly playing, the pass is probably worth it for you!

If Pet Simulator X isn’t really your main game, and you don’t play often, it’s probably best for you not to purchase one.

All in all this VIP pass is really for players who are very involved in Pet Simulator X!

Wrapping Up

This is everything to know about the VIP pass and if it’s worth it for you! Do you have the pass? What is your favorite perk?

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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