Is there Amethyst Armor in Minecraft?

minecraft amethyst armor

The 1.17 Minecraft update finally brought amethyst into the game. However, sadly, amethyst armor didn’t come alongside it.

You won’t find any amethyst tools either. At the moment, other than for crafting the Spyglass & Tinted Glass blocks, amethyst is purely for decorative purposes.

This isn’t to say that things won’t change in the future. However, if you were planning on putting on some amethyst armor to go and slay some monsters, that just isn’t happening.

Amethyst Armor is Currently Available With a Mod

If you head onto YouTube, you will likely find countless YouTubers deep into the 1.17 update. Some of them may even be wearing amethyst armor.

At the moment, the only way to gain amethyst armor is on a custom server. That custom server must also be running the latest version of the UHC mod. At the time of writing, only large YouTubers actually have access to the mod with amethyst armor added.

There are a few places online that may encourage you to download the UHC mod so that you can try out the amethyst armor yourself.

However, we do encourage you not to click these links. They are fake. The only people playing with this mod are those who have been given permission to play with it by the mode creators.

You can watch YouTuber KlingTong play it below:

Amethyst Armor Would Be a Great Addition for Future Minecraft 

Don’t give up hope that amethyst armor will be added to base Minecraft in the future, though.

As you may well know, this is only part one of the 1.17 Minecraft updates. The update is so large that the second part is being released around December 2021.

We still do not know whether amethyst Armor or tools will be added to this update.

It would make sense that amethyst tools and armor are added. Not only is the game due for a few new armors, but it is also a great way for Mojang to put those new resources to use.

While amethyst is not harder than diamond. The abundance of the resource in the game could make it a nice alternative armor to iron. Or, it could simply be used for role play. 

So, we are telling you to keep your hopes up. You never know what Mojang has up its sleeves. 

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