The Jenny mod is a mod in Minecraft that allows you to have a virtual girlfriend in the Minecraft world.

To get the Minecraft Jenny mod on PC for Java edition, you must download some files by creator @Schnurri_tv on Twitter.

He also has a Patreon account where you can get all the mod updates early.

You will also need to download the CurseForge app to run & play this mod without many steps quickly.

How Do You Install the Minecraft Jenny Mod?

  1. First, you must download the CurseForge App & Launcher. This app makes it easy to install thousands of Minecraft mods for various versions.

  2. You also need to download the mod files. Click to download them from the dev’s Twitter.

  3. Load the CurseForge app. When you are at the dashboard, navigate to games & find Minecraft.

  4. Click on Minecraft & load all of the mod files & settings that are required to play the mods.

  5. After you load the Minecraft files, go to “My Modpacks” under Minecraft.

  6. Click “Create Custom Profile” in the top right corner.

  7. Name your profile. Select Minecraft version 1.12.2 & keep the Forge version the same.

  8. Click create.

  9. Right-click your newly created custom profile & select “Open Folder.”

  10. Inside of this folder should be a mods folder. Open the mods folder.

  11. Take the two mod files that you downloaded earlier & drag them into the mods folder.

  12. Back on CurseForge, click on your custom profile. You should see the mod installed under “Installed Mods.”

  13. Click the orange “Play” button in the top right corner & agree to the warnings about the game crashing.

  14. Minecraft should now load up. Once Minecraft loads, make sure your custom profile is selected with forge-14.

  15. Click “Play” again on Minecraft. Minecraft will now load the mod.

  16. Please start a new world & make sure you set it to creative.

  17. You can now play the Jenny mod!

How to Spawn Jenny & Other Girls

Now that you have the mod installed, you will need to load into a creative world & look for her. Explore the world & look for a church-like building with a pointed roof & a golden bell at the top.

This is the house where Jenny “lives.” She won’t be here automatically when you find this house; you will still need to spawn her.
Jenny Minecraft Mod
You can spawn Jenny by finding the Jenny Egg in the creative materials menu. Put the egg in your inventory & throw it at the ground to spawn her.

Your game may lag for a second. Just be patient & she will eventually spawn (or crash your game).

Spawning Ellie

Jenny Minecraft Mod
Ellie is another girl that you can interact with in this mod. She looks different but offers the same activities as Jenny.

Ellie may crash or be broken, so be prepared to restart your game if you try to play with her.

Find the Ellie Egg in the creative menu to spawn her.

Slime Girls

Slime Girls are the latest addition to the Jenny mod. They are spawned like the other girls using a corresponding egg.

They are currently a work in progress & will occasionally glitch/break the game.

Interacting With Jenny & The Girls

Jenny Minecraft Mod
By default, Jenny & the other girls will be fully-clothed & won’t have anything to say to you. To get their attention, you must have diamonds, emeralds, or Gold Bars in your hand.

Equipping these will immediately get the girl’s attention & you will be presented with a menu to interact with them.

There are various acts & activities that you can pay the girls for. We won’t go into full detail here; you’ll have to try the mod for yourself to see the goods.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know about how to download & install the Jenny mod on your PC using CurseForge for Minecraft Java version 1.12.2.

We hope you found this guide helpful!