John Doe & Jane Doe – The Story of the Roblox “Hackers”

john and jane doe roblox

What started as simple development steps for Roblox turned into one of its biggest conspiracies: that oldest players John and Jane Doe would eventually hack Roblox accounts. 

This spread like wildfire, and many feared the day they would meet John Doe and Jane Doe.But how much truth is in this story? Are John Doe and Jane Doe out to hack accounts? Will they come for yours in the future?

What is the Story of John & Jane Doe?

The legend of John and Jane Doe gained popularity back in 2017, when people began to notice really old Roblox accounts (made back in 2006) under the name John Doe and Jane Doe. 

It is said that these two accounts have been with Roblox since the very beginning, especially during the platform’s launch on February 27th, 2007. They were believed to be hackers, looking to cause some mischief on the site. 

Why Roblox? At the time, the platform was new and its audience was small. There were many loopholes in the platform’s rules—so cheating, hacking, and banning was easy.

The story continues with the Roblox team realizing that John and Jane Doe were not good “people,” so they were given a warning. John and Jane were then said to have left Roblox after, but that didn’t stop them from wanting to hack accounts.

People believed that John and Jane continued to hack accounts through their “friends,” carrying out what they were always meant to do. In 2016, accounts said that they received a message from John Doe in binary code. This was the first time he went online in years. 

john doe hack roblox

There it was: John Doe hinted that he would make a comeback, the date being March 18th, 2017. This would be the end of Roblox as they knew it, and no one was safe.

Were the Accounts Actually Hacked?

The fear and hype around March 18th 2017 grew so much that it was hailed as “John Doe Day” by the Roblox community. When the day came, however, mass hacking of accounts did not actually happen.

john doe hacker roblox

What happened still became one of the most memorable days in the Roblox community, but not how people probably expected: as it turned out, these accounts were never really hacker accounts.

Game developers and players took advantage of the accounts/hype, and started coding John Doe into their games, saying that they had been hacked.

The community made sure to keep the story alive, with the character being in game updates, game covers, and anywhere you went.

What Was the Actual Use of the Original Accounts?

the real john and jane doe roblox

Developers David Baszucki and Erik Cassel had to test out Roblox back in 2005, but they couldn’t get people to play on it yet. 

So, they created the “John Doe” and “Jane Doe” accounts as test accounts to use in their games. Both accounts are maintained by Roblox.

Are John & Jane Doe still around?

According to the Roblox team, John and Jane can still pop in any game you’re playing. However, there is no need to fear. They are friendly and “positively harmless” to accounts because they’re just there for testing.

To know if you’re playing with the real accounts, check their outfits! Since John Doe day became a widespread theory within the community, Roblox took it upon themselves to dress John (and Jane) up in Roblox uniforms. 

Well, they DO work for Roblox.

Wrapping Up

This has been everything about the John & Jane Doe story! What do you think? Were you there for John Doe day? Do you think Roblox is covering up a REAL hacking story?

We hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, leave a comment down below.

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