KFC Gaming Console: Yes, It’s Very Real

kfc gaming console

To answer a question no one asked, KFC has come through and officially unveiled its KFC gaming console, the KFConsole. And yes, it’s real.

KFC and Cooler Master have joined forces to throw down in the console ring with the KFConsole.

KFConosle Specs and Info

The first thing Cooler Master wants you to know about their new KFConsole system is that it has a “Chicken Chamber.”

The “Chicken Chamber” is a drawer-like compartment that sits above the system’s internal components. The system uses natural internal heat and airflow to keep your tendies nice and warm.

Below the coveted “Chicken Chamber,” the KFConsole will run with an Intel Nuc 9 processor.

Alongside that will be an, admittedly, cool feature, which is a hot-swappable graphics card. This will allow owners to change out their GPU, helping to keep the system up-to-date for a few more years than a standard console, anyway.

Cooler Master doesn’t go into detail on which GPU the system will be shipping with, but they do list that is an Asus based unit and are promising “up to” 240 FPS @ 4k resolution.

The KFConsole will house two Seagate® BarraCuda® 1 TB SSDs for a total of 2 TBs of storage. That’s a good head start on the competition in terms of base storage, but with the increasing size of games, who knows how long that will actually last buyers.

Aside from all that, the KFConsole boasts that it’s VR ready out of the box, and oddly advertises race tracing.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, this is about as stupid as it sounds. Gotta love Capitalism.

kfc gaming console

In terms of games, you’ll be able to play all the titles you can already play on your pc.

This might be something worth looking into as an entry-level pc, but that really depends on the cost. The inability to upgrade anything other than the GPU hurts it more than it helps it.

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