Knockout City: All Ball Types & Abilities

knockout city all ball types

The Knockout City beta introduced numerous different balls that all have different powers / abilities. In this article we’ll cover all of the known ball types so far that are available for use in Knockout City.

Knockout City: All Ball Types

So far there are 6 different ball variations that we have seen and used in the Knockout City beta. They are as follows:

Normal Ball

The normal ball is the default ball in Knockout City and it has no special powers or abilities. It is still useful for knockout out enemies when you have no other balls available.

Teammate Ball

This isn’t technically a “ball” but you can use your teammates as the ball in Knockout City. Every player has the ability to curl into a ball and be used as a weapon. This is useful in situations when there is no ball available for pickup in your area.

When fully charged, the Teammate ball will turn into an aerial bomb which is capable of knocking an enemy out with a single hit.

Cage Ball

When thrown, the cage ball will capture an enemy inside of it when it makes impact. The enemy can roll around the map and get away from you when captured. If you can pick the ball up before the enemy breaks out, you can throw the ball off of the map to knock them out.

Moon Ball

The Moon ball has a few special abilities associated with it. First it will grant your player a low gravity buff when equipped, allowing you to jump higher. When you hit an enemy with the moon ball, the knock back radius is greater than that of a normal ball.

Also, if you are hit with the moon ball, you can double tap the glider button which will pull a glider out and give you a chance to return to safety.

Bomb Ball

When picked up, the bomb ball instantly starts a timer which will cause the ball to explode when it hits 0. This ball is unique because when it explodes, it will damage anyone in the blast radius (both teammates and enemies) so be mindful when using this ball and pay attention to the explosion timer.

Sniper Ball

The sniper ball was released later during the 2nd phase of beta testing. This ball is shaped like a football and has a high velocity lock-on which sends the ball in a straight line at a high rate of speed. It is very hard to catch and very effective at knocking enemies out!

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