Knockout City: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

knockout city tips and tricks

Electronics Arts (EA) has yet another potential hit on their hands. Knockout City is a new team-based sports game looking to take the market by storm.

What Is Knockout City?

Knockout City is a team-based, high speed dodgeball game published by EA. Team up with your friends and battle it out with rival crews in this action packed, genre breaking title.

The game was available for beta testing on Xbox for only 5 days back in April. The full game is set to release on May 21st, 2021.

knockout city tips and tricks

Knockout City Tips & Tricks

Knockout City is a new type of game that hasn’t been seen before. This gives players an equal playing field to compete on as no one will have a day 1 advantage.

Here are a few useful tips you can use to step up your game on launch day.

Throw Canceling / Faking

Throw cancelling or faking allows you to cancel a shot in the middle of charging a throw. This animation will fake out your opponents and allow you to take a shot at them when they try to catch the ball.

Pay a lot of attention to your enemies animations as you can find the perfect time to strike when they aren’t expecting it or can’t react.

Be mindful that your enemies can also fake shots and catch you off guard. Watching every animation is key!

Passing to Your Teammates

Passing is a huge part of making high IQ plays in Knockout City. After all, it is a team based game, so working together will help you come out ahead.

Besides making good plays and keeping the ball moving, passing to your teammates instantly charges the ball to max when your teammate catches it.

This can make for some really fast paced and effective plays that will catch your enemies off guard every time.

Trick Shots (Lob & Curveball)

The lob shot is great for hitting enemies that you can’t really reach or have a good shot on. The lob shot can clear objects vertically and adds another layer of strategy and gameplay to the mix.

You can also use the lob shot to distract enemies when the ball is in the air. This can leave them open to be hit from another player or teammate.

The curveball is great for hitting enemies who you can kind of see or when know where they are positioned. You can throw the curveball around corners and objects to hit enemies who are unreachable with a normal throw.

Return to Sender

Return to sender is another ability / move which is important while playing Knockout City. When you catch a ball from an enemy, if you throw the ball again within 1 second, you will throw the ball even faster than the last throw.

You can keep doing this back and forth until the ball becomes too fast for you or an enemy to catch. This is another useful move to catch enemies off guard and knock them out.

We hope these beginner tips & tricks help you on your new dodgeball journey in Knockout City!

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