The Large Gift Bag is a Legendary item in Pet Sim 99 that can be obtained from farming Gift Plant Seeds, opening Legendary Piñatas, and other various ways like events and obby rewards.

The inventory description of the Large Gift Bag just says “open for large rewards” and doesn’t give you any idea of its possible loot.

I purchased a few of them to give you an idea of what they contain and if they are worth opening or selling them instead.

Large Gift Bag Drops & Rewards in Pet Sim 99

Upon opening a Large Gift Bag, you will be rewarded with anywhere between 7 to 12 random items of all rarities, such as:

  • Potions/Potion Bundles
  • Flags/Flag Bundles
  • Fruits, Boosts, and Toys
  • Enchants
  • Charms
  • Charm Stones
  • TNT Crates / Dynamite
  • Essentially, any consumable item

So basically, any consumable resource in the game can be earned by opening a Large Gift Bag. The only things it doesn’t contain are any pets/huge pets and items that can be purchased for Robux, like Clan Vouchers, Hoverboards, etc.

It’s possible to get lucky and get an expensive charm or exotic potion, but overall, the loot is not great unless you need a lot of consumables.

Since the value of Large Gift Bags is only 15k gems, you’re probably better off just opening them and testing your luck than trying to offload them for a small amount.

Best Ways to Get Large Gift Bags in Pet Sim 99

While Large Gift Bags can be earned in many different ways, the best way to farm them is to purchase Legendary Piñata items, which only drop them as loot.

Activating a Piñata in a high-level world will start a party where you can grind a large Piñata that only drops Gift Bags & Large Gift Bags as loot.

These were nerfed soon after the update but are still considered the best grinding method for earning gems and Gift Bags.