Lucky Block Airdrops Update in Roblox BedWars

bedwars airdrop lucky block update roblox

BedWars on Roblox just came out with their new Lucky Block Airdrops Duels update! The new Lucky Blocks are purple and airdrop into the Lucky Block gamemode. In this article we go over everything you need to know about the new update!

Lucky Block Airdrops + Duels Update

bedwars update roblox

In BedWars update this week they’ve added Lucky Block Airdrops, limited time mode “Duels” is backs, there are a few brand new maps, and some other small changes!

Keep reading to learn all about this week’s update.

Airdrop Lucky Blocks

bedwars airdrop luck block roblox

Airdrop Lucky Blocks are a new type of Lucky Block, that airdrops from above! These blocks hold ultra rare items similar to the regular golden Lucky Blocks.

These Airdrop Lucky Blocks are purple in color, with the same question mark design on them as the others.

They drop from the sky usually into the center of the map when the game timer reaches 10 minutes. Another Airdrop will come again at 15 minutes into the game. When an Airdrop is inbound it will be announced at the top of the screen.

lucky air drop inbound bedwars roblox

When breaking into these blocks, you’ll see that they hold ultra rare items. Some of those items being the Hoverboard, or the Rage Blade!

Although, sometimes you don’t get anything from them or you’ll get something a little more common, like the Black Hole.

New BedWars Maps

In this new update also came 4 new maps! The Badlands map, the Football Field, the City Park, and the Heaven map.

Badlands is a new western type of map with almost a grand canyon look to it! With orange, red, yellow warm tones, and rocky mountains.

badlands map bedwars update

The Football Field map or Soccer Field (for those of you in America), looks just like a soccer field, with parking lots where the diamond generators are.

football field map bedwars update

The City Park map is just what is says, a big City Park similar to a park you’d see in New York City! It has chess board areas, and also had parking lots.

city park map bedwars update

Lastly, the Heaven map, which is a cute map filled with fluffy cloud like islands, and colored glass rainbows everywhere!

heaven map bedwars update

Duels LTM and Double XP Weekend

They have also added back Duels for a limited time. Duels is a 2v2 gamemode, where you play on a team of two against another team of two. The player who wins is awarded 100 XP in the Battle Pass.

duels 2v2 bedwars update

There is also another Double XP weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So today and tomorrow will be the last days to earn some extra XP!

Wrapping Up

Those are the most important things you need to know about BedWars newest update! Have you played and gotten a new Airdrop Lucky Block?

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

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