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Brookhaven on Roblox just came out with a new update with 12 brands new maps! In this update we go over all of the new maps, and which ones are free for everyone to use.

All New Map Themes on Brookhaven

new maps brookhaven update

Brookhaven’s newest update comes with 12 new maps/themes you can use! Out of all 12 there are 3 free ones that anyone can use, and the others all cost money. The full gamepass includes all 12 new maps/themes, and costs Today we’re going over all of them!

New Free Map Themes!

Three of the new maps on Brookhaven were made free for any player to use! There is a new city map, a purple candy map, and a raceway map.

The City Map is a cool new city themed map with huge skyscrapers added everywhere. This gives it that big busy city feel!

city map brookhaven update

The Purple Cutesy Map changes everything to a mostly purple/pink theme, with cute purple trees, little lolipop, heart and bow accents, and the archways are now purple in color!

cute purple map brookhaven update

Finally the Racetrack Map is a cute new map with racetrack decor everywhere. They added cool checkered archways, with stop lights, and red, green, blue, orange, teal and yellow arrows all over the streets and map!

racetrack map brookhaven update

The arrows create different paths/routes you can take. Just follow whichever color arrows you decide, and you can take a fun new route each time!

racetrack map brookhaven update

There’s a starting line and each route leads to the same finish line, so you and other players can take different routes and race each other!

Gamepass Theme Pack Maps!

map update brookhaven roblox

Nine of the new maps require you to have the Theme Pack gamepass to get into them! The Theme Pack gamepass costs 750 robux, and you get access to every single one of these maps:

  • Rusted/Abandoned Map: Has an abandoned look to it, with rust all over everything, deteriorating buildings and cracks in the roads!
  • Futuristic Shiny Neon Map: Super shiny, metallic, and futuristic looking. Lots of purple and bright neon colors like teal, pink, blue, red, and more!
  • Pink Cutesy Map: Exactly the same as the purple map but pink instead!
  • Army/War Map: There are army tents, crashed helicopters, tanks, explosion wreckage, and buildings on fire!
  • Horse Trail Map: Has horse trails all around the entire map and stables too. You can take the horse out and walk along trails with it!
  • Green Cutesy Map: Exactly the same as the purple and pink maps but green instead!
  • Fire Map: Everything in this map is on fire!
  • Helicopter Racetrack Map: A racetrack just like the original, but for helicopters instead!
  • Yellow Cutesy Map: Exactly the same as the purple, pink and green maps but yellow instead!

Wrapping Up

These are all the different map/themes in Brookhaven! Which have you tried out? Which one is your favorite?

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

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