MCC Island Beta: How to Sign up & Play

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MCC Championship 14 has just concluded on this day Saturday May 29th, 2021 with the Aqua Axolotls reigning as the champions.

After the games ended Noxcrew dropped a teaser trailer for their upcoming project MCC Island. Here is everything we know so far & how to sign up for beta access.

Have you been keeping up with the Minecraft Championships?

What Is the MC Championship Series?

The MC Championship is a frequent Minecraft event that occurs every few months & is hosted by Noxcrew.

The event brings together a huge collection of Minecraft players from around the globe to compete in various Minecraft challenges & minigames.

After 8 custom coded game types are played the top 2 teams duke it out & the winning team is crowned MC Champion.

What Is MCC Island?

Concluding this months championship games Noxcrew announced a new project on Twitter called MCC Island.

They have not yet released anymore information about the project or when it will launch. While it’s not yet playable Minecrafters can currently sign up for beta access over on Noxcrew’s website.

Along with the news they also dropped a teaser trailer to hype the project up & give us a taste of what’s to come.

Noxcrew: MCC Island Teaser

This is super exciting news for the Minecraft community & thousands of players are ready & waiting to hear more information on Noxcrew’s latest project.

Our assumption is that it will be a community server to play minigames & challenges similar to the professional championship games.

What do you think MCC Island has in store for Minecrafters around the globe? Are you excited for what Noxcrew has in store?

Let us know your thoughts & opinions in the comments below!

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