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roblox tiktok messy anime boy hairs

There are some new messy anime boy hairs from TikTok! These new hairs make your character looks super cute. Read how to get them on Roblox below!

How To Get Messy Anime Boy Hairs

To get these new messy anime boy hairs in Roblox, you must buy them from Roblox developer Rush_X. He makes many different hairs for both boys & girls on Roblox.

Go to Rush_X’s Roblox profile in order to buy these messy hairs from him for 75 Robux.

Below are all of the different kind of boy hairs that Rush_X currently has for sale.

Messy Side Swoop Boy Hairs

The first new boy hairs you can get are called messy side swoops. They come in 5 different colors (white, pink, brown, blonde, black).

These are the most popular hairs that you most likely saw on TikTok. They cost only 75 Robux & will make your avatar look super cute!

messy side swoop boy hairs

If you don’t like these hairs, he also has more new messy boy hairstyles. Check out Rush_X’s other available hairstyles below.

Fluffy Messy Boy Hairs

These are called fluffy messy boy hairs. They are similar to the messy side swoop hairs but they are more even & not swooped to one side of the head.

These are nice if you like a nice clean hairstyle that looks cute & modern.

Do you like these hairs better or the side swoop?

fluffy messy boy hair tiktok roblox

Wrapping Up

Are you going to buy some of these new messy anime boy hairs that are trending on TikTok? They look really good!

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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