Minecraft Axolotls Guide: Snapshot 20w51a Update

minecraft axolotl snapshot 20w51a update

This week’s Minecraft test update, snapshot 20w51a, sees the addition of the highly-anticipated Axolotls.

For a more robust look at snapshot 20w51a, head over to Minecraft.net’s patch notes here, and for more things Minecraft head on over here.

All Things Axolotl

Here is the official run-down on Axolotls from Minecraft.net:

  • Axolotls currently love tropical fish, though this may change. Tropical fish or tropical fish buckets can be used to mate axolotls.
  • Axolotls will swim around with you if you’re holding a tropical fish or tropical fish bucket in one of your hands.
  • When a player kills a mob that the axolotl was attacking or being attacked by, the axolotl will show its appreciation by granting the player temporary regeneration and removing any mining fatigue effects.
  • You can pick up your axolotl in a water bucket and carry it around just like a salmon or cod!
  • Axolotls will always chase after squids and other types of fish.
  • They are skittish, but they will attack Drowned and Guardians if you tempt them with their favorite food – tropical fish!
  • Axolotls do not like it out of the water and will dry up and begin taking damage if they are out of water for longer than 5 minutes.
  • An axolotl will not dry up as long as they are in water or rain.
  • Sometimes when an axolotl takes damage, it will pretend to be dead so that it stops being attacked.
  • There are four common varieties and 1 rare variety of axolotl.
  • Axolotls do not spawn in the world yet, but you can find spawn eggs for them in the creative inventory.

How to Find Them

As of snapshot 20w51a, Axolotls do not spawn naturally, but players are able to spawn them in through creative mode. Axolotls will spawn naturally in lush caves once the biome is released.

All players need to do is use the spawn egg in creative mode to have as many Axolotls as they wish.

The good news is that these guys are tamable. Even though they don’t spawn naturally yet, this gives players a great opportunity to spawn some in and see how they function.

Axolotl Color Variations

Axolotls can spawn in five different color variations. Four of these are common, with one being rare. The rare color variant has about a 1/1200 chance of spawning.

minecraft pink axolotl
The reddish/pink lucy color variant
minecraft brown axolotl
The brown, wild color variant
minecraft yellow axolotl
The gold color variant
minecraft white axolotl
The white and pink, cyan color variant
minecraft blue axolotl
The extremely rare blue color variant

All of these axolotls are currently available in creative mode by using the Axolotl Egg. But they will spawn naturally once lush cave biomes are available in the Caves and Cliffs update set to release later in 2021.

What Axolotls Do

Axolotols are a hunting type mob, so they will chase after other aquatic life in the world.

Axolotls are obsessed with Tropical Fish and will follow you around if you’re holding some, or if you’re holding a bucket with Tropical Fish.

Tropical Fish can also be used to breed Axolotls, and if you feed Tropical Fish to an Axolotls while a Drowned or Guardian is around, they will begin to attack it.

It’s fun to experience the ways you can interact with the Axolotls, and how they interact with their environment.

Axolotls will also sometimes play dead when they take damage in an attempt to stop being attacked.

Be Careful

Be careful with your Axolotls though, because they will take damage on land if they’re out of water for more than 5 minutes. However, if it’s raining, they can stay on land for as long as the rain lasts.

This makes them a pretty versatile mob and one that players can expect to have a lot of fun with.

If you’re not around water, and it’s not raining, don’t worry though, you can scoop your Axolotls up in a bucket and carry them around.

Closing Thoughts

So, will you be jumping into Minecraft to check out the new Axolotls? If so, what do you plan on doing with them, and what color variation is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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